SALE NO - 10 /2024-2025
SALE DATE: 2024-07-08


Message From Chairman

Message From Chairman

In the era of connectivity, the importance of the flow of information is the focal point of any business and trade.
The Tea Traders Association of Bangladesh has therefore, undertaken to launch a Web Portal which
will be a trusted tool to disseminate information on the activities surrounding the Tea Auction, trend of the market,
price movement related to supply and demand, Tea production, traders activity etc. The updated information and data served in the portal will benefit both buyers and sellers to formulate strategies through indepth analysis.

I am sure, it will be the most effective and useful tool for all in the tea trade and the industry, at large.
It will also establish an international link with Tea Associations abroad in exchanging information and data to mutual benefit.

Initially, as it will be in the development stage, we will welcome valuable suggestions from our members of the Tea Community to transform the Web Portal into the most effective, dependable information tool.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the members of the Sub-Committee of TTAB for their effort to make it happen.

My thanks is also due to Smart Framework for developing and maintaining the Web Portal. - cheap advertising