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SALE NO - 4 /2019-2020
SALE DATE: 2019-05-20


Sale 3 LEAF 220.00 DUST 236.68 DM 224.81 AVG 224.27 WITHDRAWN(%) 55.02 % | Sale 2 LEAF 242.85 DUST 253.90 DM 239.63 AVG 245.61 WITHDRAWN(%) 53.40 % | Sale 1 LEAF 259.34 DUST 263.27 DM 255.95 AVG 260.14 WITHDRAWN(%) 39.46 % |

History Of Tea Auction

A Brief History of Tea Auction in Chittagong

Following the partition of India in 1947, the tea producers in East Pakistan felt the need for Tea Auctions in Chittagong for disposal of their crop. This prompted four eminent international Tea Brokers namely W.F. Cresswell , J.Thomas, A.W. Figgis & Carrit Moran to jointly form a Company along with Khan Bahadur Mujibur Rahman, on 6th june, 1948, Pakistan Brokers Limited (later renamed National Brokers Limited ) was formed.

A year later on 16th july,1949 the First Tea Auction was held in Chittagong with a modest offering of 3,000 odd chests.

Auctions were suspended only for a brief period in 1971 during the war of liberation and later commenced on 8th june , 1972

In keeping with the growing demand of Bangladesh Tea Worldwide , fortnightly auctions changed to weekly auctions from 14th October ,1985.

Today this centre has established itself on the international Tea scene, and ships teas to all corners of the world after fulfilling its entire Internal demand. - cheap advertising